Nova Launcher APK Download for Android Device – Latest Version!

Nova Launcher APK: Nova Launcher is one of the most downloaded and useful customisation apps for all Android devices. It is highly customizable, and it is one of the best home screen replacements for Android devices. Nowadays Nova launcher is the top most launcher for the modern Android. It is designed in such a way that every Android user can easily operate it, and this app is the best friendly user app for the Android system.

Nova Launcher can be customised very easily and also can replace your home screen by changing the setting on your Android devices. In order to install the Nova Launcher app on your Android devices, you can directly download from the play store. Firstly go to the play store and type Nova Launcher in the search option and after that various search results will be displayed. You just need to download the original and official Nova Launcher APK.

Nova Launcher APK Download for Android – Latest Version!

Nova Launcher APK

The Nova Launcher app is one of the best Launcher for the modern Android device is because of its various specifications are given in this app.

Now let’s see the various features of the Nova Launcher apk.

  • Restore and backup files: This backup and restore system will allow you to backup any files and also can change the setting of the launcher.
  • The positioning of Subgrid: In this, you will be able to control much easier as compared to other standard launchers. And also this launcher will allow you to snap icons and widgets through the desktop grid cells very easily.
  • Themes of Icon: This is one of the best features given in the Nova Launcher app. This launcher contains more than five to six thousands of icon themes which you can find on the play store.
  • Widget Drawer: The widget of Nova Launcher is grouped by the app which makes the device very fast to use.
  • Customization of App: In this launcher, you will be able to customize the tab horizontally or vertically by scrolling it, and also you will be able to customize the effects of the theme.
  • Colour controls: You will be able to change the color effects of the background on your Android phones, and also you will be able to modify the folders that you created in your Android devices.
  • Infinite Scrolling: You can scroll down the page infinitely from your favorite pages, and also you can loop through the desktop continuously.
  • Layouts: Nova Launchers can easily import any launchers on your Android devices including the launcher that is given on your phone before, and also you don’t need to rebuild your desktop again.
  • Widgets: There are various types of widgets given in Nova Launcher app, and you can place any widget in your dock and as well as on your home screen.
  • Faster RAM: Nova Launcher enables you to use your phone as fast as you can move your fingers. Your device will be very fast as this launcher can boost your RAM and makes your device very fast to use. And moreover, Nova Launcher is highly optimized and makes very smooth to your Android devices.
  • Hide Apps: You can hide your apps which you have never used, and you can get your RAM free keep your apps closed.
  • Swipe Icon: You can swipe any Icon from your desktop and dock icons by using the setting swipe-actions. In order to get more extra features you to need to download and unlock it by downloading Nova Launcher Prime. Some of the extra features that you can unlock are
  • Scroll Effects: This version has extra features for more scroll effects such as wipe, throw, and accordion.
  • Unread messages: You will never miss a message that you will receive from SMS, Gmail, Hangouts, Wats app and more using the TeslaUnread plugin.
  • Gestures: You can swipe, double tap, pinch and more on your Android home screen in order to open your favorite apps. There are several versions of Nova Launcher that has launched till now are:

Why you should use Nova Launcher APK

Nova Launcher is one of the coolest launchers that has recently launched for Android devices. One of the main advantages of Nova Launcher is that it is n user-friendly, and every people can easily use and operate it, and this launcher can be easily customized. Nova Launcher provides you a cool icon which attracts all the smartphone users. And you can easily change the settings of the launcher and keep the wallpaper whatever you want on your home screen. And moreover, this Nova Launcher always keeps the RAM free which will boost up your device and makes your device faster to operate while using.

The different apps which are installed on your Android phones can also be kept disabled which will help your smartphone to operate faster.

How to download Nova Launcher APK?

Now let’s come to the downloading part, as you can see Nova Launcher APK is a very useful and worth downloading app, so now we are going to learn the downloading method of Nova Launcher.

#Method No.1

If you love and prefer use genuine apps then good news for you as the official Nova Launcher app is available in Google Playstore. You can simply visit there and search Nova Launcher and download the official app. Very simple.

#Method No.2

Sometimes after rooting your phone Google Play store stop working or if you like to download any specific version of the Nova Launcher then you can do that too. Just go to Google and search for Nova Launcher apk and download the file from any trusted site. After downloading the app you just have to click on the downloaded apk and installation will finish within few seconds. That’s it.

So you must try to install the latest version of Nova Launcher to get more features, and you can enjoy it by downloading it on the site which is given above. So, therefore, go to the play store of your Android phones and download it and you will really realize it, and you will feel really comfortable when you will use the latest version of Nova Launcher.

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