SideSync Apk Download: All About Samsung SideSync App

If you here to download SideSync apk then you might know its a cool App. Well, if you are not then here is all about its feature, free download, and installation procedures. Basically, this app allows you synchronizing with your PC and can do many things with your Android device. Yeah, if you own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet then you might know something amazing feature to do with it.

I will let you download this apk here down below, but before step into downloading process of it. You should know it features that you might know. Yes, you can do many things with it and I will discuss on SideSync feature here down below. If you seeking for SideSync apk download for your Android device then check them out.

SideSync Apk Download: All About Samsung SideSync

SideSync Android app is developed by Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd. And it is a productivity app for Samsung Galaxy Smartphone and tablets. So, make sure you have a Samsung own Galaxy device before you download SideSync Apk. Will talk more about SideSync requirements, check out what else you can do with this Samsung device oriented app.

The Feature of SideSync App:

Though not much feature you get with this app but all the available features make it a must-have app for all Galaxy users. You will find useful, it all available features in it. So, let’s check out the feature of SideSync.

Screen Sharing: Mobile device screen sharing is a feature that you get with SideSync app. With this feature, you can sync your devices exact screen on your PC screen. So, viewing doc files and watching videos would be much useful and fun with this feature. On the Dashboard using the favorite feature, you can easily share the desired screen on your PC.

Make Your Device PC Monitor: As you can share device screen to PC, you can do the reverse as well. Yes, with the SideSync app, you can turn your Galaxy device as a PC monitor and normally control it with mouse and keyboard, as usual, you do with PC.

Data Transfer: SideSync app allows you to share all existing files to PC or from PC to your device. You can manage your device with the help of this app such as move, copy, rename, batch edit and much more. You can also share the browsing URL to your PC and browse it from your PC, which is a quite useful feature off course.

Notification: Never miss a single notification of your device while working on PC. Synchronizing the device and PC via SideSync, you will get every notification on your PC Dashboard. Thus, it will be useful for those who always need to work on their PC.

So, these were the features of Samsung SideSync. Yes, it doesn’t have many features but all its compact features are useful. And also makes it easier to use, without overwhelming features.

Key Requirement of Using SideSync APK:

You might want to know how to download this app on your Android device knowing the features of this app. But there are some key requirements of using this app on your Android device. So, make sure, you meet with all of these requirements before getting this app on your Android device.

Requirements for SideSync App Use:

  • You must own a PC running on Windows XP or 7/8/8.1/10. So, if you have OS X running device this app is recommended to you, as it won’t support.
  • A Samsung Galaxy Smartphone or Tablet. However, for smooth result high-end device is recommended.
  • Android Version 4.0 or KitKat and higher version.

So, these are the requirements to use SideSync feature. Now, if you sure about these all requirement then you can download the app. To download the app, follow the download section in below.

How to Download SideSync Apk?

It is so simple to download this app, as this is available on Google Play Store. But if you can’t it from this store then it could a little tricky to get. No worry, I got a free download link here for SideSync apk for your Android Galaxy device.


How to Install SideSync APK?

As this not the download from Google Play Store, you will need to install SideSync APK manually. If you don’t know how to download an APK then follow the below instruction, which will guide you in installing the apk file on your device.

Step1: Allow Unknown Source Installation

Before we jump to installation procedure, there are some steps you need to do in your Samsung Galaxy Android device Settings. Follow below instruction to enable installation app from unknown sources.

  • Go to the Samsung Galaxy device Settings.
  • Now find the “Lock screen and security” menu and click on it.
  • Click on the “Unknown Sources” toggle, which should enable app installation from unknown sources.

Step2: Install SideSync APK

After enabling the unknown sources installation, now you are ready to install your recently downloaded SideSync apk. Check out how to do-

  • Click on the downloaded Apk file of SideSync.
  • An installation menu will popup, click on the “Install” button.
  • And follow the installation wizard step by step as shown on screen.
  • After everything, within few second it will be installed on your Samsung Galaxy device.

How to Use SideSync?

After installation, you might find a little tricky to get started with it. Here is a quick startup guide for, which you might need to know as a new user.

  • Install the SideSync on your PC as well. [PC version available]
  • Launch the application on both.
  • Connect your device to PC via Data Cable or you can connect with Wi-Fi.
  • That’s it, you are done to use all the feature of SideSync.

Download SideSync APK now if you are a Samsung Galaxy user. It comes with many helpful features that you will use in your daily life. Especially those, who have PC and work with it all the time. Sync your device with PC and share every data, mirror feature and get a notification right on your PC. Hope, you have found this article helpful, you can comment below if you have any issue or queries regarding SideSync apk download.

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