Super Mario Run APK for Android – Remember your moments in it!!

Super Mario Run APK: When it comes to video games I am a huge fan. I may not prefer PC games so much over video games that I played in my childhood. These games seem to be forgotten by the most or may be it seems to many that way. But it is just that the video gaming world has died to a greater extent and those games are made compatible with the PCs which reduces the cost of buying a video game when you are already possessing a laptop. Super Contra, Olympics games, Double Dragon and there goes the endless list of games you should have played. In this article I shall throw light on the Super Mario Run APK. Wow! Flashbacks are coming right with the moments you had with besties, right? This is exactly the game we shall see about in the article. We shall also be more interesting by letting you know the MOD versions and how you could hack in to the game to finish the whole of the game. 

Super Mario Run APK

Things you didn’t know about Mario:

When the game was first created in 1985, it was named as the Super Mario Bros. released initially in Japan and North Korea. Mario was a carpenter then (as per the developers’ report) because the game took place on a construction site. The Super Mario Run was released by the same Developer Nintendo in 2016 that got Mario the profession of a Plumber, plumbing pipes underground and eventually crossing levels. There has been quite a lot of changes and modification with the way the game got completed with the number of world and the number of levels in each of the world. The various different characters that are present in both the versions with different attributes to it giving additional tools that serves well the agenda of passing through levels and eventually the worlds. 

Super Mario Run:

This is the latest of the version of the Super Mario series launched. It was launched on the 15th of December 2016 by the same publishers and developers Nintendo EAD. The game was created by Shigeru Miyamoto who was also the part of the developers’ team in Nintendo. The game is side-scrolled and is auto-run. The player on the game is just made to tap on the screen to let Mario jump in order to evade form the blocks wood, pipes or the gaps and the enemies that come against him. The principle goal of the game in order to complete the game is by reaching the flag post at the end in a limited time collecting as many coins as possible. This will eventually get you to next levels and consequently to different worlds. The Super Mario Run is available with three modes: the core game wherein the player has to collect as many coins as possible and attempting to reach the flag post in the quickest possible time. This gives you the need to additional coins. The second is the Toad Rally mode in which a player can compete with the ‘ghost’ versions of other players which basically is multi-playing. The Toad Rally mode however requires you to either collect a specific number of coins or completing some in-game tasks. And the third is the Mushroom Kingdom area for players to expand their collection of coins from other game mode. The player can unlock five characters in the game and can use them to unlock levels with much ease. The reason being all those characters have some tools that are most helpful to get you the better of the levels. 

Download for Android:

  • Use the direct download link form the official website because by getting link from third parties can have viruses and malware that can cause potential harm to your system.
  • If not go to the Google Play store to search for the super Mario Run APK. Click on it to start the download. Once the download is done open up the destination folder to click on the APK downloaded so that it gets installed.

Download for iOS:

  • You can either use the direct link on the website to download right away or the Apple Store.
  • Open the store so that you search for the Super Mario Run APK. Click on it to get the application installed. You are ready to go Mario. 

Download for PCs: (emulator)

Using an emulator, you could get any APK files running in your PC. Bluestacks, Andy Motion are those emulators you could trust. Take the time to install the emulator. Search on it for the Super Mario Run APK and follow the process the same way with your Android Phone. You are ready with the app. Enjoy!!

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