Tinder Plus Review : Is Tinder Plus Worth it ?

When it comes to Social Media, most of us are a great fan. We love updating ourselves on the Social Media about our whereabouts and all mostly those that are silly. We are so obsessed that we almost forget those that are necessary or important to us. Now why not use the Social Media to our advantage.

We spent loads and load of time on the internet doing just nothing. What if we try and find out those useful apps and ways to better utilize the time and the internet for the benefits of ourselves. You could also help people with your identity on the internet like with constantly posting about your business or your organisation’s services to the customers, its products, offers and just anything to get clients swarming around you which means a success. Now this platform we are going to read about doesn’t appropriately suit the category we I have described above. But the amazing part is that even as you use this application you are making the most of your time by being entertained as well as being serious. Tinder Plus.Who’s heard about Tinder Plus? Well, for being normal you should have heard about the Tinder and not Tinder Plus. In this write up we shall see the special version of the Tinder app – The Tinder Plus application. 

Is Tinder Plus worth paying for?

If you are a Tinder user or at least have unknown about this app this might not be necessary to you. Tinder Plus is a special edition of the Tinder application so to know of the Tinder Plus a small amount of knowledge would be mandatory. Tinder is renowned for its location-based mobile search engine. The app looks for people of the same place and your preferences (if you have set in your profile) and a lot of other filters you could apply to get to know people around you. This could also be used to make connections between two businesses and organisations. But in as a massive report, the app is widely used as an online dating platform. The app has become the first of the many swiping applications with ‘swipe’ buttons to accept people in your circle or reject from your circle. The app connects to your Facebook as well as Spotify accounts to search for matches. With the passage of time Tinder has come up with many other general facilities like many of its counterparts.

Features of Tinder Plus:

  • The Tinder Plus is the paid version of the Tinder application. Its advantage is that you could swipe as many profiles as you can to your right as this was not restricted to just a number of profiles for a 12-hour period.
  • The ‘Swipe’ button feature is one of the main functions or modification that explains its popularity. By this features you either accept the person to be on your preferred list or you reject. By swiping to the right you add the person to your preferred list or you by swiping right you ignore.
  • As this application is being used for online dating, there has to be some limitations with the age group which you definitely would agree to. People above the age of 18 are the rightful users of the application.
  • It has got Instagram, Facebook as well as Spotify integration which means you could also get to know or make matches with your contacts on these Social Media giants.
  • Common connections or mutual connections on Facebook can be used to make matches. Or if the person is in your friend’s list, you could still avail the facility to create matches.
  • Tinder Plus charges its users according to their age groups like for people below 28 is $9.99 USD per month and for folks above 28 is $19.99 USD per month.



Tinder was founded by Mateen, Rad and Badeen. Tinder had a good start from its origin getting quite a number of investors in National Campuses. TechCrunch awarded Tinder as “Best New Startup of 2013”. Tinder Select, Tinder Boost and Tinder Plus are its versions. The Tinder is available to you on Android, iOS and web. The IAC and DerrenStevinson are the active developers researching and creating new features. The app was incubated in Hatch Labs in 2012 which got about one billion swipes on average day.

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