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TubeMate Apk: These days most people are facing problems while downloading videos from YouTube and looking for apps which they can be used to download the videos directly on their Android devices. If you want such kind of facilities then don’t waste your time searching for such kind of apps on Google Play Store. Nowadays everyone looks out for features which are new and more advanced. So I have this excellent app called “TubeMate APK” which will help you to download your favorite videos easily whenever you want.

It is a fantastic app and it is very popular among the YouTube users since it is one of the few applications that are being used in downloading videos. So, in this article I will be telling you all about TubeMate.

TubeMate Apk Download for Android – Latest Version!!

TubeMate Apk

Features of Tube Mate:

TubeMate has the most amazing features that isquite beneficial to you. So down below I have listed some of the features of this app for you.

  • It is very easy to download videos with this app as the UI of this app is very simple.
  • You can also convert videos into mp3. As watching videos is not always possible.
  • TubeMate can download videos without interrupting your current activity. So if you are downloading videos with this app and have some other work to do then your download won’t be hampered.
  • You can also share videos with to your friends or family through email or twitter directly from this app.
  • You can access you favourite YouTube Videos wherever you go.
  • And the best thing about this app is that it is ads free and doesn’t contain any Malwares or Trojans.

So these are some of the features of TubeMate. So now you must be wondering how you can get this video downloader. Don’t worry; I have mentioned the steps of downloading this app down below.

How to Download TubeMate Apk:

To download this app on your Android phone you have to visit the official site of TubeMate. Since there are many fake download links, so you need to be careful. In order to avoid these unwanted links the official site must be used. This app is not available onGoogle Play Store which makes it quite difficult to get this app on your device. You can download the latest version of Tube Mate 2.2.9 Apk on your devices.

After you finish downloading the app you need go to the settings and then enable the unknown sources for installing this app.

Ways to use TubeMate Apk

So here are some of the ways of using TubeMate.

  • It is very easy to use it as the user interface of this app is very simple in comparisonto other similar apps.
  • After you installed the app you can run the application and can downloadvideos that you want to.
  • You can also browse through videos that you want to get through this app.
  • In TubeMate you will find two options that is one either you download or watch. Since your goal is to download then you can simply click on the green button and get the video.

Before it was only applicable on Android phones but now it is applicable even for PC. Millions of people are using this app and have supported it for many years as it is one of thebest tool for downloading videos.

Ways to download TubeMate Apk for PC:

So here are the ways to download TubeMate for PC.

  • Before installing the app, first thing you have to do is download any Android emulator on your computer.
  • Bluestacks is a good android emulator. Visit the official site of Bluestacks to download it.
  • After you are done downloading the file then you just need to install it on your computer.
  • Next, you need to download the TubeMate app from the Google Play Store inside Bluestacks.
  • After it has been downloaded, you just need to open the file using Bluestacks.
  • Finally, you will be able to run this app on your computer and enjoy it.

Well these are the steps that you need to follow for installing this on your PC.

As this is one of the best applications for downloading videos. It surely has some pros and cons, so now let’s check them out.

Pros of TubeMate:

So here are some of the pros of TubeMate:

  • It is one of the apps which can download videos directly from YouTube on your device.
  • It can also browse YouTube just like the official YouTube app.
  • It can download the videos faster even if you are using multiple connections like you can open Facebook etc. while you’re downloading your favourite videos.
  • It has an option with which it is possible to pause and start the download wherever you want.
  • It can also download your videos from other sites such as Vimeo, Daily motion, etc.
  • It is also possible to download almost all the videos that you come across.
  • Tube Mate app is also having another advantage that allows us to keep record ofall the videos downloaded by you.

So these were the pros of TubeMate.

Cons of TubeMate:

Even the best apps have some disadvantages. So here are also some of the disadvantages of TubeMatethat I have listed below:

  • Like I said before I can download most of the videos not all, so this is a huge disadvantage of this app.
  • In order to download HD videos you need to have the support of mp3 media converter.
  • The TubeMate app crashes alot in most of the smartphones.
  • It is tough to download if you have slow internet connection which is quite hectic.

With this I would like to conclude that even though there are many disadvantages on this app but on the brighter side you can see that this is a great app with which you can download YouTube videos directly and at faster rate. It is available for Android phones and Windows PC where you can enjoy your videos all you want and wherever you want. I would recommend you to download this app and start downloading your favourite videos.

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