WhatsApp Messenger Apk Download for Android – Latest Version!

WhatsApp Messenger Apk: One application that brought about a revolution in the way we message is the WhatsApp messenger. From the year when it was founded in 2009, there has been no looking back as long as its features and popularity are concerned. The messenger app is absolutely free to download for smart phones and uses internet for its operation. While the messaging service provided by the messenger is very similar to that of the text message service, its cost is significantly lower in comparison as it uses the internet for its operation. The mobile messaging application giant was acquired by Facebook Inc. for US$ 19 billion in the February of 2014 and is head quartered in California, United States. Jan Koum, a computer programmer and an internet inventor is the CEO and co-founder of WhatsApp, the other one being Brian Acton.

WhatsApp Messenger Apk Download

WhatsApp Messenger Apk

However, there are no prizes for guessing why the messenger is called WhatsApp. It is obviously inspired by the popular pick up line among friends, ‘What’s Up’, since the idea of the messenger is definitely to keep friends and family in touch and know what’s up in each other’s life?

Features of WhatsApp messenger

Following are some of the unique features of the messenger that will give you enough reason to download WhatsApp Apk:

  1. Text and Multimedia: Apart from sending the usual text messages to friends and family, make conversations more interesting by sending images, videos and even voice messages. With the updated versions of the messenger, you do not have to type long texts and waste time. You can now simply record a message in your voice and send it across to your contacts in no time.
  1. No hidden costs: WhatsApp Apk is free to download and use with no hidden costs what so ever. The user can send any number of text, multimedia or voice messages and will still not be charged a penny. The messenger uses an internet connection, whether 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi.
  1. Enjoy group conversations: Tired of sending the same message to a number of contacts? Try forming a group on the WhatsApp messenger and enjoy group conversation. There can be more than 200 people in a single group.
  1. No formalities required: The user does not have to bother about any formalities while using the app; there is no signing in and out. You do not have to remember any pin code or password either. The WhatsApp messenger works using the phone number of the user like the SMS (short message service) and is easily integrated with the phone address book.
  1. No international charges either: Just as there are no additional charges for sending a mail internationally, similarly, there are no additional charges for sending messages internationally on the WhatsApp messenger. You can send innumerable text or multimedia messages to your friends across the world, the only requirement being; they should have downloaded the WhatsApp messenger on their smart phone as well and must have an internet connection too. 
  1. No need to manually add the friends to the messenger: The WhatsApp messenger uses the address book to connect you to your contacts. All the contacts on your phone that have a WhatsApp messenger on their phone will be automatically displayed.
  1. Offline messages: In case your phone is turned off or you miss the push notifications, the messenger will save the messages offline and you would be able to retrieve them as soon as you are able to use your application.
  1. No requirement of log in or log out: Since the WhatsApp messenger is always on and connected, the user does not have to bother about formalities like log in and log out. This also eliminates any confusion of getting logged off from one device or the other, if you are using the app on multiple devices.
  1. Share location and contacts: With the WhatsApp messenger, it is very easy to share your current location with friends and family. One can also share a contact from their contact list easily with others using the in-built feature of the app.
  1. Others: There are several other features that make this app very interesting and unique in its own way. For instance, the user can customize the wallpaper, notification sounds, landscape mode etc. It is also easy to find out the time at which the message was sent, delivered and read as well. It is also possible to send broadcast messages and MMS to multiple people together.

The WhatsApp messenger can be easily downloaded from the official stores for applications provided in the smart phones like Google Play Store and App store. There are also several websites online that provide a genuine link to download WhatsApp Apk easily and free of cost.

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