XCIPTV PLAYER Apk Download for Android Latest version

By | March 28, 2021

Mediaplayer App For Android TV, Android Phone and Android Tab.  Easy to use app. Fully customizable and brand able for OTT services and in providers.

XCIPTV comes with two integrated media players with adaptive HLS streaming. No more third-party apps or players required. Simple UI design for easy navigation.

XCIPTV uses ExoPlayer and VLC Player. Easy to browse with Android TV Remote and Dpad. This program can be installed on Android phone, tablet and TV.

– Built-in players

– EPG service for Xtream Codes Compatible API, EZHometech (EZServer) and M3U-URL.

– Catching up with EPG

– VOD with IMDb’s info

– String with episodes and season

– Insert TV, VoDs and String in the form

– Backup and restore – Synchronize the settings with multiple devices

– Schedule recording to internal or external storage (DVR).

– Schedule reminder from EPG view

– Schedule the recording in the EPG view

– Integrated VPN support

– Branded version: announcement on all channels. Support multiple languages

– Brand version: maintenance notification

– Branded version: Self Management Portal for maintenance, notification and messages.

– Branded version: send account expiration or other message to a specific user.

– Branded version: change the language of the portal and update the contact information at any time.

No server or client-side configuration required.


The status XCIPTV Player does not contain any media content. This usually means that you should be serving your own content from a remote or local location, or any other media company that you have. Any other way of viewing illegal material that would otherwise be paid for is neither endorsed nor approved by the Ottrun team.


– XCIPTV Player does not deliver or contain any other content or media.

– Users should provide their own material

– XCIPTV Player is not affiliated with any media content provider or provider.

We do not support streaming of copyrighted material without the consent of the copyright

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